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Play Up Your Body Type: Hourglass Shape

I’m sharing styling tips for every body type. These tips can help you as you shop for new pieces, gain or lose weight, or completely overhaul your closet.
You’re guaranteed to have an elevated look if you follow these styling tips! If you struggle with making wardrobe selections because you’re not sure if you made the right choice for your body type, give me a call or send an email and I will be happy to help you tell your daily visual story.
Hourglass Body Shape

Celebrity Examples:
Beyonce and Lala Anthony
  • Balanced hip and shoulder or bust width, defined waistline
Goal in dressing: 
  • Emphasize your natural hourglass shape.
You should wear:
  • Classic shapes and balanced top and bottom designs.
  • Details at the waistline, like belts or color blocking.
  • Most styles can be flattering on hourglass shapes.
 You should avoid:
  • Styles that hide the waistline like babydoll, boxy or bubble shapes.
  • Any fabrics or details that give the illusion of bulkiness to the top or bottom (chunky knits).
  • Form fitting is great, very tight might be too much.

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