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J. Lo’s Hot Girl Summer

J. Lo, Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez (whatever era you were introduced to the iconic Latina entertainer and fashion icon) sealed the envelope, licked a stamp and mailed us the official end to this year’s Hot Girl Summer.

To close out the Versace S/S 20 runway show during Milan’s Fashion Week, Jennifer Lopez ripped the runway wearing the plunging blue and green jungle-print chiffon dress that she wore to the Grammys in 2000.

J. Lo looked better than ever as she celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of the most talked about fashion moments in history. Like fine wine, she is aging with so much grace. I even noticed that alterations made the dress more revealing to showcase her glowing skin and incredibly fit body. Once again, fearlessly pushing the fashion envelope.



J. Lo and Donatella Versace had an incredible summer celebrating the dress with a ready-to-wear line and sneaker inspired by the colors and eye-catching print.

Fashion Nova even got into the mix by recreating the dress as a Halloween costume. (I’m still working through my thoughts on this one.)

Check out Vogue’s sit down interview with J. Lo about how the dress was chosen last minute even though her stylist begged her not to wear it.

Hot Girl Summer has become shorthand for celebrating femme sensibilities and what’s possible when women give no fucks in their pursuit of some self-defined pleasure. It’s a movement that operates on a power that throws caution to the wind. And years later, J. Lo energized us by caring less what people think once again. Lit!

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