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A Blazin’ Blazer Bodysuit

The last episode of Star was jaw dropping. Chiiiilllle, Cousin Rashad is actually son, brother and nephew Rashad. My friend Major is doing a phenomenal job bringing the depth of the character to life.

Along with great writing, this episode was also packed with head-to-toe looks that I truly enjoyed putting together. One of my favorite pieces to shop for this season was the Alexander Wang bodysuits. Paired with the sleek ponytails, the look screams girl group! Yet, we kept each member’s individuality evident with different color thigh-high boots.


The bodysuits were ordered from the Alexander Wang stores in LA and NYC. They were all tailored to fit, of course. I love the details in the safety pin hearts on both sleeves and the boxy fit at the shoulders and through the arms. The mesh croch of the bodysuit meant undergarments were of the utmost importance. The Spanx Undie-tectable thong is my go-to. I carry them in my wardrobe kit in every flesh tone. I even own a few pair in my color brown and black. This is the one of few Spanx designs that washes and dries well. Miss Carrie also sewed a patch of black fabric in each one. Check out more pictures below.

I originally ordered hot pink thigh high boots from an online site that canceled the order three days before Brittany’s fitting. I searched high and low for these red Steve Madden boots. Idk if they found this pair stashed in the warehouse, but I checked the site one day and there was this one pair available to order in her size. Voila!

The dancers were easy to dress in black bodysuits and fishnet tights. Oh, and this bomb velvet pointed-toe pump by Calvin Klein. Shout out to after the holidays sales rack at Jeffrey Atlanta for having 8 pair of these on sale for $235!


I love accessories. And because everyone was headed to the ASA Awards, I believed it was time to jazz it up a bit hence Bruce throwing y’all major record label promotions executive in a teal fur coat and and long gold chain earrings. And Queen Latifah in this gold figure 8 earring. This blue wig was pretty on her, too.


Speaking of accessories, Cassie jacked Lil Dini up by his chains. Shout out to Dante’s kiosk in Lenox Mall. He had what I needed for this scene. Two chains – one for backup just in case the first one broke during a take. We didn’t use the second one so while it’s not high quality jewelry, it works really well for costumes. I highly recommend.

Lil Dini’s sweatshirt is by Gucci. His joggers are Balmain and his sneakers are the white high-top Guiseppe Zanotti sneakers. Cassie’s gold python-print blazer dress is from PressedATL. While her shoes resemble the Calvin Kleins mentioned above, they’re her own Christian Louboutin pumps.

Simone is on an anti-racism press tour but she hasn’t lost her childlike spirit and her 90s-girl flair. The ruffled white Fendi socks with metallic purple platform heels and this silver studded denim jacket from Pressed Atlanta are so cute together.

Alex’s sequin Prada dress was actually knee-length, but we tailored it to be a mini dress. Paired with this white fur Giuseppe Zanoti, she looks like a young Diana Ross. The high ponytail compliments the look perfectly. Shout out to hair!

The money coat!!! We went through a few options for tops to wear under this super dope coat, and finally settled on the grey ribbed tank because Star not only wears this in the studio, but also to a doctor’s appointment where she has breastmilk leak. The grey was a great option for the scene and less of a distraction on camera than the neon green. Oh, and those green cargo pants are from NIKE and the booties are Balmain.

Check out more looks from the show in the gallery below and be sure to follow me on IG.

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