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Square One: Shopping for Stunt Boots

Last night, was a historic night on FOX with Empire airing the first-ever all-Black gay wedding on primetime network television. Followed by a host of major storytelling moments on Star. Here are some gems from behind-the-scenes.

Take 3’s Last Promo Shoot

It was kind of a “we’re breaking up and starting solo careers” promo shoot so we wanted to play up each group member’s personal style. Still stylish together, but in non-cohesive, girl group way.

Lesbian Wedding


While it may not have been the first lesbian wedding to air on network television, it was a beautiful moment for the LGBT community. Both young women were actually featured background actors, but were perfectly casted and dressed! 😉


Derrick and Alex’s Shotgun Wedding

We went for a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw for the shotgun wedding. Alex wore a tweed skirt and blazer by Gucci and chalk-colored pumps by Saint Laurent to the courthouse!! I ordered the skirt and the shoes were purchased from Jeffrey ATL.


Family Feud

“No one wins when the family feuds.” – Jay Z

Here’s a glimpse into me shopping for this scene…A stunt double was added to the scene  at 7:30 p.m. the night before shooting the fight. The only issue was that she needed to wear the exact pair of thigh high boots as Star. So I left the stage to go to Lenox to shop before the mall closes at 9 p.m. Traffic.

50480778_10106686962879651_4326344269775241216_nOn the way, I called the manager at the Steve Madden at Lenox because that’s where the original boots are from, but they weren’t available in the stunt double’s size. 😟 I still had to go see for myself. Macy’s…nothing. Bloomingdales…nothing. Every store in America sells Steve Madden boots, but not one store in Atlanta had the size needed. And the boots worked first thing the next morning, so online shopping wasn’t an option. 😫 I started to pull ideas out of my back pocket. I asked, “Do you have the red or grey thigh high in the size, I can paint them tonight or do you have the size in the peep toe style, she can wear socks to cover her toes” I was desperate.

I finally settled on a shorter thigh high boot that the stunt double wore with a thigh high sock to mask the fact that it’s two inches shorter. The wider heel width didn’t matter on camera. The entire team slept well knowing that a boot (even though it’s not identical) had been secured. Problem solved. I hope you were entertained! We were too.


In the scene where Simone and Angel encounter an angry racist man, the actor was sent to set wearing a camo hat with the MAGA slogan in orange stitching.

I was soooo excited to finally get a MAGA hat on camera. I pitched the idea at two other shows that were scripted appropriately for this type of visual only to be turned down. We even ditched the red hat to help seal the deal and declared that it’s pop culture at this point as well as fair and balanced storytelling.

I noticed that the MAGA slogan was edited off of the hat. Damn. But shout out to editing because it was beautifully done.

Easter Brunch

In case you didn’t get enough church this past Easter weekend, Carlotta planned a brunch and it inspired Cassie (who’s wearing a navy belted sequin dress from Pressed ATL) to do an old-fashion mic pass. Epic!


The costumes department was right outside of the recording studio so I heard every take of “Jesus Is Real” and it reminded me of childhood choir rehearsal. We sang this song at least three or four times a year.

Dior’s Real Fur

“This is an investment. You have to spend money to make money.” – Dior

Dior’s fur is from Fiskani in Buckhead Atlanta and is worn by the incredibly sweet and talented actress Ashton Woods who rocked that purple pump, too!!

Here are some more looks from the show. Click on each picture to find out where items were shopped.


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