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90s Girl Group Vibes

“Anything I want, anything I need, I’m able. So as far as what I’m bringing to the table, I bring me.” – Take 3

Since I was a kid, I’ve had an obsession for Girl Groups. From The Supremes to Total and En Vogue to 702, TLC and Destiny’s Child. I studied their looks, music and videos. I enjoy the feminine power that flows from their lyrics (like the quote above). I never imagined those days of dancing around my Granny’s living room would be preparation for dressing a girl group for a primetime TV drama. Take 3!!!

In last night’s episode Alex and Simone perform with Gigi while Star is in a coma. Dra-ma! But they perform in these amazing pink, red and yellow cropped puffer jackets by a Black fashion designer Brittany Deshields. The corset and bra tops, bodysuit, baggy bottoms and dark shades were a nostalgic fashion play on girl groups from the 90s. You know, Total meets TLC. Check out the inspiration pictures below.

Check out Take 3 + Gigi’s performance below, and follow @costumesandcoffee on Instagram.

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