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The Perfect Silhouette

As a Costume Designer, I often find myself walking the high wire between art and trend setting. It’s not a tough balance to achieve if you’re wise enough to put thought and sincere effort into each look as it relates to the cast member, their story, body shape and the garment construction. I’ve discovered that when that investment is made, what is captured on camera will be loved equally by the artist in me and the viewing audience – who seeks nothing less than spectacular.

I experienced a lot of proud moments while watching this week’s episode of Star. It featured incredible silhouettes from a lot of the women cast members, which were captured in the still photography below. Everybody looked snatched in their clothes!!! Shout out to the Hollywood icon Mario van Peebles who did a phenomenal job directing episode 315.

In fashion, silhouette describes the shape of a person’s body or shape created by wearing clothing of a particular style or period. It’s simple, but one of the most fundamental aspects of fashion and something everyone should be aware of when putting a look together.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve the perfect silhouette:

  • Be mindful of your overall shape when shopping for new pieces and putting outfits together. Sure, biker shorts are trending, but should you wear them?
  • Wear clothes that fit properly. Most clothes bought off the rack require a little nip tuck action before we wear them. In this case, just like in fittings, the tailor is your best friend! (A huge shout out to Carrie Clever, the Costumes Tailor for Star…one of the best in town.)
  • Find the perfect under garments. The type of bra, underwear, and shaper matter. I can’t stress this one enough. Make sure you’re selecting options that flatter and accentuate your best features. Under garments should help with the drape and flow of the garment’s fabric. They should hold everything in place and not show from underneath the garment.

What are some of your tricks to perfecting your silhouette? Share them below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @costumesandcoffee.


  1. I guess I have instinctively known this my entire life. I’ve always give myself a 360 degree once over to ensure my clothes lay right from every angle. In doing so I’ve long since realized how undergarments, or the lack thereof, can distract and ruin a great outfit. This is great information. I’m so glad you brought it to the table.


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