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Pharrell Teases New Chanel Collaboration

The Chanel-Pharrell Collection debuts soon. Over the weekend, it was announced that we can expect t-shirts, robes, rhinestone costume jewelry, leather belts, terry-cloth bucket hats, bags, loafers, mules and eyewear! The vivid colors remind me of his Adidas SOLARHU sneaker.

You all know I love accessories. And I can’t say enough how hot the accessories are coming from the Chanel fashion house. I also have a long-time love for Pharrell, and here’s why.

As a musician.

  • He’s the leader of my favorite band. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and so does N.E.R.D. My favorite album is “Seeing Sounds,” though “No_One Ever Rally Dies” gave it a run for its money. One of the things high on my personal shopping list is the “Seeing Sounds” t-shirt Billionaire Boys Club released in 2008. I’ll find a much better deal than one on eBay for $525. 😑



  • Like Earth, Wind and Fire in the 70s, Pharrell’s lyrics are way ahead of time. He’s mindful and uses incredible instrumentation. He makes the kind of songs you have to listen to once for the composition, again for the lyrics and a third time to inhale the power  of the combination of both.
  • Pharrell is the king of collaborations. He’s worked with Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Atlanta’s-own Mike Will Make It and Gucci, Wale, Lil Uzi and so many more. Each body of work produces a balance that allows every artist to maintain their own lane.

As a fashion designer.

  • The debut of new Chanel costume jewelry is plus. The costume department supervisors of the world (and their budgets) will thank Pharrell. Trust me, they will.
  • Pharrell is brand loyal. He and his wife attend the Chanel runway shows, wear Chanel on the red carpet. He even writes music about the designer house…”Take her to Chanel ‘cuz she fine.” His name is almost synonymous with Adidas. As a person who values loyalty and consistency the most, even when shopping, this means a lot.
  • Pharrell normalized what some would categorize as “weird.” Remember the Smokey the Bear hat? Growing up in the South, pearls were always worn by the dainty ladies. The model pictured wearing the signature layered Chanel chain and pearl necklaces sends the positive message that men can wear pearls too. I love the  layered with chains look as opposed to a single strand though because…that’s style.


On “Star,” I have the opportunity to dress transgendered and transvestite men and women who are a common theme in the storytelling. This image aligns with a much bigger message – and one that artists like Lee Daniels and Pharrell have shared since Day One – It’s A-OK to be who you are and one of the best ways to express that is through style.

Pharrell is one of my top 5 all-time favorite rappers and is quickly becoming a gem in fashion. Salute!

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