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#TBT: So Anxious

This was way too long to tweet so I’m sharing on the blog. Why not?

I came across this me meme today. Shout out to @whoischancez for so much inspiration today ✨). Check it out. The caption is everything. Please excuse the language.


The song is titled “So Anxious”. He’s describing his anxiety. So there’s also that to factor in. I had to listen to the song again. A few things:

  1. I forgot this song had an instrumental intro. Yeeeah Yeah…😩🙌🏾
  2. The bass is everything. That thump. Yessir!!
  3. The breakdown for the bridge is fire.
  4. I miss album cover art.
  5. The “100% Ginuwine” cover reminds me that Ginuwine made light skin guys cute in the mid-to-late 90s.
  6. Ginuwine’s pinky ring is an accessory every menswear fan (women included) should have. That thing is playa.



I’m anxiously anticipating my cousin’s Game Night in Atlanta this weekend. Also the premiere of ‘Us’ on Sunday with great friends. It’s almost Friday. Hang in there!

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