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Taraji P. Henson is InStyle’s January Cover Girl

For its January 2019 cover, InStyle magazine tapped Taraji P. Henson to channel the late Mary Tyler Moore.


Mary Tyler Moore (for those who may not know), was the lead actor in the 70s ground-breaking television series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Each week, the audience followed Mary Richards, a thirty-something single woman who settled in Minneapolis after breaking up with a boyfriend. She landed a job as an associate producer of the evening news at WJM-TV, which happened to be the area’s lowest-rated station. Her boss hated her spunk, but often looked to her to solve newsroom (or even personal) problems.

I came along a few years after the show was off air, but can remember my mom talking about how fashionable Mary’s costumes were. Years later, I’m a huge fan of the series, its wardrobe and the ultimate statement of female empowerment it brought to a generation of women.

We lost Mary this year, but Taraji’s cover is a great reminder that we still have strong female lead characters on primetime television today. Even better, some of the actors are Black Women.

Emmy-nominated actor Taraji P. Henson’s rise to stardom is a remarkable one. At 26-year-old, she left Washington D.C. for Los Angeles – with her son and $700 in her pocket – to further pursue her acting career. We’ve watched her grow from her roles in “Baby Boy” and “Hustle & Flow” to playing the protective and compassionate Cookie on “Empire.” Now she’s sharing her comedic acting skills as the lead in “What Men What.” She’s worked hard for her success and deserves every bit of this opportunity to redefine what a Girl Boss looks like in the world of film and TV.

Her stylist Jason Bolden wasn’t mentioned in the magazine, but he really nailed every single look! I imagine the shopping for this shoot was whimsical!

I always like to applaud major publications for not only recognizing Black artists, but acknowledging why we’re always relevant. A major shout out to InStyle magazine for recognizing Taraji, her hard work, beauty and talent.

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