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Knockin’ Boots

It’s officially Winter! That means it’s time to add a few drops to your boot drip. I’ve always been a fan of Dr. Marten combat boots. And this season, Docs have gotten some incredible upgrades. Here are two of my favorite styles.

Dr. Marten Leona

Different from classic Docs, the Leona has a more sleek silhouette and a 1.5-inch platform heel. The style is the perfect balance between femininity and the rebellious spirit of the Dr. Marten brand. They’re a heavier, more solid boot that I find more comfortable with thicker socks (and sometimes inserts). The antiques brass tunnel eyelets are one of favorite design features, along with the two options for color.

The only drawback is the thin laces. Other reviewers have mentioned the laces breaking. I haven’t had that issue and hope not to.

Shoe laces lead me to my next pick…

Dr. Marten x Marc Jacobs Redux Grunge Collection 1993

This year, Dr. Marten collaborated with American designer Marc Jacobs in commemoration of his famous first show for Perry Ellis (i.e. the show that he presented grunge fashion on PE’s runway and was later fired for it.)

It’s the iconic 1490 boot in four colors with two pair of laces – one standard and the other have Marc Jacob’s logo on them. The boots have a redux Grunge hangtag that reminds me of Virgil’s Off-White hangtags…kinda. Not saying that the brand doesn’t stand solid by itself, but it’s cool to see Dr. Marten team up with such an incredible American Designer. So excited to wear these!

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