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10 Reasons To Visit Atlanta’s New Trap Music Museum

T.I.’s new pop up museum, exclusively dedicated to trap music, is now open in Atlanta. Trap music is influential, internationally loved and it deserves its own creative space in the region of the country where its origins lie – The Dirty South! Recently, I toured the Trap Music Museum with a couple of friends, and it is arguably one of the best curated events of the year. While it may not be on the top of your to-do list this Fall, here are 10 reasons why it absolutely should be.

  1. Much of the art on display was commissioned by trap music artists like Jeezy, Gucci, Rick Ross and Yo Gotti.
  2. The DJ is lit. (I promise I heard Gangsta Boo’s “Where Dem Dollas At?”)
  3. There’s an Escape Room. Be one of the first to “Escape the Trap.”
  4. The set decorations are incredible.  Be sure to visit Jeezy’s all white bricks igloo, which features a life-size snow man, and Gucci’s trap kitchen, where Unc will give you a good laugh.
  5. Historic costumes and wardrobe are on display from stylish favorites like Young Dro and Migos. There’s even a replica of T.I.’s infamous gun closet that was raided by the Feds in 2007.
  6. There’s a SWAG barbershop section dedicated to Boosie and the Boosie Fade.
  7. The accurate timeline of trap music’s influence. I had a great time walking down memory lane with my friends.
  8. Photo opps with 2 Chainz’s pink Trap car
  9. The 10 Trap Commandments
  10. There’s an open bar.

The only thing missing is some lemon pepper wet wings from Wing Stop. Rosé what’s poppin’?




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