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Fashion Meets Protest

I woke up eager to watch last night’s SNL season premiere. Though a longtime fan of the one-hour sketch comedy, lately I haven’t vibed with the chemistry of the cast. Kate McKinnon is hilarious. The skits just often fall flat. So, I admittedly only watch when there’s a major music artist performing. Last night’s premiere was no different. Music drew me in as Jay Z was set to be the first to grace the stage this season. I tuned in to my Roku this morning knowing three things as fact:

  1. Hip hop saves,
  2. Jay Z is a hip hop legend who at this point always uses his platform for things that require our attention, and
  3. June Ambrose is involved so there will surely be fashion headlines to follow.

The first two proved to be fact. I’ll get to the third later.

Performing “Bam” from his latest album 4:44, Jay appeared on camera (alongside Damian Marley *faints*) dressed in a black NIKE team-less football jersey with “Colin K” across the back shoulders along with Colin Kaepernick’s number “7.” Thanks to fashion legend June Ambrose, it was perfectly styled with black denim, a black Roc Nation hat and enough diamonds to keep Atlanta cool in July. Impeccable! Set to a camofluge backdrop and in red lighting, it was visually stunning and a proud moment for the culture. In the true essence of Jay Z and June Ambrose, it was tasteful. Jay Z’s jersey was a profound statement in support of the NFL protest and Kaepernick. Fashion meet protest.


In case you’ve been under a rock, Colin Kaepernick and his protests have made big headlines as the league has seemingly made him a martyr for the cause by refusing to sign him to a team (to date). Even more now that Trump stirred the pot with tweets and statements that have been less than presidential. There have been other business moguls and hip hop artists to show public support for Colin Kaepernick, and I’m glad that Jay chose to re-join at this moment.

Last Sunday’s NFL demonstrations drew criticism as they were unorganized and caused a loss in media momentum. SNL is the biggest TV stage on Saturday nights and the perfect lead to an NFL-packed Sunday.  Now the powerful, beautifully designed image of Jay Z on the SNL stage takes forefront. We’re refocused. Well done!

Oh, and that third thing…I did a Google search knowing the conversation about the jersey had started in the fashion community, especially since #RockMom June was on the styling one’s and two’s. Crickets! At 1:55 p.m.ET, GQ was the only fashion-lifestyle publication to enter the conversation and editorially recognize the genius behind Jay and June’s presentation, the moment. ELLE did mention something about good looking couples at the SNL after-party though…Oh.

Ya’ll stay woke.

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