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A Tribute to Joan Rivers

You want to know what’s missing from the fashion and entertainment industries?  Good, straight-forward (raw), hilarious commentary. Unfortunately, that seems to have gone to the grave with beloved comedienne and fashion critic Joan Rivers.

I grew up watching Joan break down barriers as the female entertainer whose brutal honesty, at times, cut like a knife. She was harsh, but I appreciated that she said exactly what needed to be said (and what most people were thinking anyway). Her candor led to her success solidifying her as one of the most respected, and feared, fashion critics to date. She simply was the best to ever do it!


I stopped watching the “Fashion Police” on E! after her untimely death in 2014. The show was never the same. And I still can’t even discuss the fact that network executives at NBC tried to replace her with the less than talented, blabber-mouth Giuliana Rancic. As if? (I stopped watching E! altogether after that.)

Joan would’ve had a field day critiquing looks from last night’s Academy Awards. Women wore dresses that they couldn’t walk in, constantly having to shuffle and re-adjust their trains to keep from falling.  Men wore ill-fitted tuxedos. A number of celebrities wore outdated trends. (They keep putting those little boys in cropped pants. We’ve seen that already. What’s next?) Under garment exposure was at an all-time high. To make things worse, all of the aforementioned blunders appeared in the photo galleries of major news outlets such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, CNN and more.


Today, more than ever, it’s clear that Joan’s commentary held celebrities and their teams – hair and wardrobe stylists, makeup artists and publicists – to a higher standard. No one wanted their client on Joan’s “Worst” list.

I’d love to see the Red Carpet season get back to the level of glitz and glamour that oozed from Hollywood years ago. I hope celebrities see last night’s coverage as a wake-up call to hire more professionals who pay attention to the details. Who can simultaneously juggle being a stylist, publicist, content creator, photographer, etc. And I hope Fashion finds the next real, unadulterated critic. One that lives by the famous words of the late Joan Rivers who said “I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.”

I usually only share my “Best” lists in an effort to keep it positive, but as I’ve mentioned some of the last night’s choices played out so badly on television and online that something needs to be said. Here are my “Best and Worst” looks from last night’s Academy Awards. Continue to rest well, Joan.


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