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Issa Mule 

The other night, a friend stopped by my place. As I was putting away my last few pieces of laundry, I asked her, “Do you like mules?” 

My friend, who is also quite the bartender, responded “Yeah, I like Moscow Mules.” To which I quickly responded, “No, not the alcoholic beverage…the shoes…like these,” showing off my new silver mules from Sam Edelman. 

The look on her face was priceless as she caught a glimpse of my metallic slides. She spent the rest of the night and much of the next day cracking jokes.


My friend, like most people I ask, think mules are for a mature woman (which is basically a nice way of saying older women). Some Southerners have even said mules give them a house-shoe vibe. House shoes are slippers, indeed. Like the house slipper, mules are backless, often times close-toed shoes, that you simply slide your feet into. But mules are fancy and can be worn anywhere. 

When I wear my mules, they make me feel strong, sophisticated and naturally sexy because they show off two of my greatest features – legs and ankles. And I’m now comfortable wearing them in any setting. Whether I’m in the office or running errands on the weekend, they add a certain level of chic to my look.

I remember falling in love when Gucci debuted the leather, furry-backed mule in 2015. They were absolutely fab, but not budget-friendly. You see, the way my account is set up. I have a checking and a savings…lol. Luckily, these days brands like Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, Frye and Via Spiga are making more affordable options. 

I purchased the two pair shown above (silver and black) from Sam Edelman, and I begin to salivate at the mouth when I saw these by Stuart Weitzman. I was really pleased with the quality and style options from these brands in particular. Here’s a little more on mules…

Types of Mules 

Classic slipper. My favorite. The slipper is flat, comfortable and very versatile. Consider swapping out your favorite sandal or Birkenstock for this closed-toe shoe.  I enjoy wearing mine with vintage high-waisted girlfriend or skinny jeans, and even shorts. You can even use mules to jazz (pun intended) up your athleisure looks. Because my wardrobe is overall pretty classic, I like to add a little sass with embellishment like the one pictured below.


Block heel – In a world of sneakers, four-to-five-inch stiletto heels appear to me to be very over the top these days. I’m honestly not sure why we ever chose to wear them as uncomfortable as they are. The block heel mule gives your feet a break while still providing a bit of lift. Opt for these with a dress, culottes or your favorite jeans. I’m partial to close-toed block heels, but open-toed options are available and a trending now. 

Sneaker – My opinion is to just wear sneakers. But if you’re looking for a fun alternative, here’s one. 


Espadrille – I’ve never been a fan of the fabric because it screams summer like sundresses. (I don’t like sundresses either). But it’s a nice way to be playful and hippy chic this summer. Warning: The espadrille does not translate to Fall. 

Now that I’ve been wearing them for a while (and they’re starting to see other women wear them), my friends are coming around. 

Remember what I said about embellishment? Mules are the bomb-diggity. I can’t wait to pair them with sweaters and jackets this Fall! 

Tip: Make them last! Make sure you take your mules (or any shoes that you love) to the shoemaker and ask that a rubber sole be placed on the bottom. This will ensure your shoes are in tip-top shape for years to come.


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