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8 Romper Rules for Ladies

8 Romper Rules for Ladies

  1. Stop calling it a romper

    Rompers are “especially worn by children” (see below). Let’s be classy and use ‘jumpsuit’ or ‘one piece,’ instead.


  2. Find Your Fit

    A jumpsuit MUST NOT be too short in length. There is simply no way to look chic if your butt cheeks are out. No way!

    Make sure the jumpsuit doesn’t fit too tight on any part of your body. It’s not supposed to look like second skin and camel-toes are hideous.

  3. Quality material is important

    This is VERY important and almost key to finding any clothing built to last. Fabric quality matters especially when you’re daring enough to wear a jumpsuit. The fit and overall appearance will look better if the material is nice. Try cotton, chambray, denim or silk. (Chambray is my linen alternative!)

  4. Choose a solid-colored jumpsuit

    It tends to look more classy! And I’m ALL for that!

  5. Go Long

    Culottes and gauchos are back!

    I’ll be the first to admit that this one really sucks for the short fashionistas out there. But for those of us standing 5’9″ or better, GAME ON!

  6. Make it Functional

    Pockets are life!


    Make it Your Own by Playing at the TopAre you a halter top kind of lady? Strapless? Maybe you look amazing in a cut out jumpsuit? Whatever you do, make it fit you! But please, keep the following things in mind:

    No spaghetti straps. And whatever you do…Do not buy an off-the-shoulder romper (yes, that’s a romper for sure). We are already on the brink of over doing the shit out of this forsaken trend. Back away!

  8. Check your footwork

    Rompers are casual as is, so don’t just throw on flip-flops. A little effort can go a long way.

    Here is a collage of my favorite jumpsuits for the reason from some of my favorite retailers. `

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