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Groundhog Day

Fact: The only groundhog we acknowledge is Phil.

After working at The Weather Channel for 5 years, I’ve become quite the weather enthusiast. I still tune in to “AMHQ” to catch Jim Cantore. I believe climate change is real (and rapid). Dr. Forbes is still one of the smartest scientists in the world. And tornadoes – although the most fascinating – are the most dangerous of all natural disasters.

I’ve also developed an appreciation for Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog Day. This morning, Phil saw his shadow which means that we will have an additional 6 weeks of winter weather. For me, that means 6 more weeks to wear the best winter coat ever!

The puffer is not one I typically go for. It was considered a no-no. A fashion faux pas. The ultimate sign of “giving up” when the temperature dipped and the elements hit full force. So, in lieu of succumbing, I searched high and low for a  chicer, sleeker version to purchase. But to my surprise, the puffer has re-emerged on the runways—in every size, shape, color, and crop imaginable.

Designed by Ralph Lauren, my down-filled puffer coat is one of the most boss things I’ve purchased and worn this winter. Not just for style, but it’s many pockets make it functional. Most importantly, it keeps me warm – head to toe. Check out the length.

I recently realized how much I hated going outside during the winter because I didn’t have a suitable coat to handle the elements. I’ve always kept a wool pea coat in my closet, but those do nothing when it’s below freezing outside.

Soooo…Here’s to all the folks who skipped being hermits this winter and got out in the elements in a bossed up winter coat. May you continue to enjoy wearing it for 6 more weeks. Happy Groundhog Day, loves!

P.S. All of this talk and no real pictures to share. Sorry, I was too busy wearing the coat and not really focused on taking pics. This is one I managed to get while out shopping weeks ago.


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