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The SAG Awards 

I tuned in last night to watch celebs stroll down the red carpet to the 23rd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards show. As with most awards shows in Hollywood, I expected to be wowed by the latest designer gowns, dresses, suits and tuxedos. Instead, I was utterly shocked (and somewhat confused) by the lack of attention to detail. It’s still true in an H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters-loving world…the design is in the details.

In order to walk the red carpet, one has to be camera ready. We’re talking camera-ready 2017, not 2012 or even 2015. That term means so much more today than it did just a few years ago. And I’m not talking selfies. I’m talking Getty and AP Images with HD and sometimes 3D technology cameras.

Sadly this time, most celebs missed the mark and it played out horribly on camera. To give you a concrete example, consider Orange is the New Black stars Dascha Polanco and Tiffany Schilling or Winona Ryder. While I love the expressions of individuality and nonconformism, I have to say that most of these looks didn’t work best for these ladies.

But, as always there are diamonds that shine in the rough. Take a look at my top picks from last night.

Shades of Red

Taraji P.  Hensen, Rashida Jones and Natalia Dyer looked feminine and sophisticated in shades of red complimenting this Spring’s “Pretty in Pink” trend. I also love shades of red in January to usher in February – the month of LOVE.

More Color!

Salma Hayek made pink lemonade in a yellow Gucci gown with pink details. Yara Shahidi never disappoints and continues to look youthful and fun on the red carpet. Ellie Kemper’s velvet Wai Ming dress was the perfect color compliment to her warn auburn hair. While I didn’t love velvet for this time of year, she pulled it off elegantly.

Black and White

Uzo Aduba looked regal in monochromatic black and white. I was pleased to see Sofia Vergara in a tee-length dress. She looked classic and radiant! Ryan Michelle Bathe and Sterling K. Brown gave power couple vibes in black and white.

The Guys Want to Have Fun, Too

Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders had me at all-black, turtleneck and Doc Martens – three of my favorite things! Caleb McLaughlin is all about the details in dark and light gray stripes. Check out the rhinestones on his bow tie and the bee brooch on his lapel. Very nice guys!

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