Color Fashion Film

Wear Black…Always! 

My closet doesn’t have much color in it. In fact, even the hangers are black. As I took on the challenging role of dressing others, I found it easier to make my wardrobe more minimalistic to reflect my personality and get out of the house in an hour or less. Plus, there’s a certain level of chic-ness that comes with wearing all black. I rarely incorporate color unless it’s shoes or a killer handbag. Hence my frustration today…Follow along…

Me (thinking): Today, I’m going to ditch all black and wear color.

Me (10 minutes after getting into the car): *spills coffee on light blue shirt…😒😒😒😑

While I wasn’t a huge fan of The Addams Family movies, there’s one quote from the family’s Uber gothic and witty Wednesday Addams that comes to mind…words to live by. Wear black…ALWAYS!


Now it’s back to black. #RIP Amy Winehouse

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